Thinking Methods of Job-Change (転職の思考法)

I will share my book review of 北野 唯我著『転職の思考法』(Thinking Methods of Job-Change by Yuiga Kitano)


This is a book for those who are considering job-changes. This book is written in a narrative style, and it mainly focuses on the interaction between a man, who is thirty years old and started considering a job-change, and his mentor, who is a famous consultant. The mentor taught the man the judgement criteria of job-changing, and the effective advice from the mentor finally helped the man find the next company, that was very convincing for him.


I recommend this book to those who are wondering what they really want to do for the rest of their working lives. The reason is that you will find the answer from this book, and you will also have the opportunity to consider what to do next.

I am in my late thirties, and I was struggling with Midlife Crisis lately. I was wondering if I should work for the current company without strong motivation. Worse still, I was rushed because my job description wasn’t likely to increase my market value. This book, however, got rid of my anxiety. I could learn the judgement criteria which was necessary in considering job-hopping. What was more, I could learn tips to improve my market value to survive in a competitive society.

This book made me realize that my current situation needed to make a course correction. In addition, I thought I had to move forward to increase my market value. In fact, I am satisfied with the salary and the workload of the current company, but I don’t think I can make progress as long as I work here. The reason is that the range of my job is shallow and wide. That strengthened multitasking and organizational skills, but these skills will diminish as I get older as well as be replaced by machines. Meanwhile, I was so rushed that I couldn’t gain expertise through my job. This book helped me reflect on how I should work for the rest of my life before it became too late.

I could get over from Midlife Crisis, and it’s time to consider my next step. I want to keep on learning English in both private and working time. What one likes, one will do well.