Logical thinking

Today, I was so refreshed because I took a day off and concentrated on my job at home. Although I could go with remotework, I didn’t as I wanted to shut down the calls or the skype messages from my colleagues.

I reflected on the strategy of launching a new distribution channel in the morning. While referring to the book of logical thinking, I considered the outline of the strategy. Then I prioritized what I had to do to make a proposal.

This experience has reminded me that I used to learn logical thinking to make it my strength. At the same time, I couldn’t make an effort to improve it. I thought I had to make time to improve my business skills even if I was busy…

Next, I worked on academic writing in the afternoon. It was getting more difficult lately. I was struggling with argumentative essay. First of all, the explanation of the essay itself was extremely difficult. There were some unseen words, that stressed me out as I had to open the dictionary… Moreover, to complete the assignment, I had to use what I had leaned before like “citation” and “reference”. It was natural that I didn’t perfectly remember them. Therefore, I worked on the assignment while looking back on what I learned before.

Overall, I think I could use time effectively. As another reason for taking a day off was taking a break, I would like to relax and enjoy the rest of today.