Making progress!!

Today, I was feeling very well because I could prepare for the business trip from next week. I’m attending the yearend party of our foreign company in Taiwan.

What I prepared was the draft of our new sales report. I’m reflecting on it with the managers in the company. The reason why I was feeling well today was that I realized that the way I thought improved much better than that of last year.

Last year, I was in the same situation, but I didn’t propose a new sales report aggressively because of two reasons.

One was that I was too busy keeping up with the restructuring of our team. Another was that I was maintaining the passive attitude and waiting for someone to do that. This year, I’m doing that by myself, that would be a good progress for me!!

Tomorrow, I’m going to IT school for learning how to use Illustrator. It is the first time to go there in this year. So, it’s been over two weeks since the last lesson… I think I just have forgotten about 90% of what I learned. Scary… Although I started learning Illustrator to make my private time more enjoyable, this kind of pressure could become fear for me… Anyway, all you guys, have a good weekend ahead !!