Management skills

Today, I was very stressed out because I realized how difficult management was. Especially, I had a difficulty maintaining the harmonized human relationships in our team.

I heard different types of complaints from our team members about other members. I thought it was natural for every member feel stressed more or less, but I wanted them to know how difficult for me to find a happy medium…

This experience has taught me that I need to improve my management skills more. Yesterday, I consulted with a friend who used to work for the recruitment agency and she advised me that management skills would be necessary for the applicants my age. Moreover, I fortunately have the opportunity to improve the skills, that I have to make the most of !!

Tomorrow, I’m having some chores and meetings. I was feeling bad during working time today, but I’m OK right now. So I will be able to go to work tomorrow. Tomorrow, it’s said that there would be the final notice of the transfer. Actually, I don’t think my dream would come true, but I still believe a faint hope of the transfer… haha