Mother’s day

Mother’s day reminds me of the deep love from my mother, that I tend to forget in a daily life. Remembering that I’m loved by someone makes me strong and positive. I really appreciate that.

I have a few memorable episodes of my mother. First, when she was expecting me, she was forced to make a severe decision. Birth or Abortion. She had taken a cold medicine before knowing her pregnancy. The doctor told that the medicine might cause a bad influence on the baby, me. My mother reflected on that very much and eventually decided to give birth. At the same time, she made up her mind to rear me with responsibility even if I were disabled. That episode made me feel that I was born greatly desired by my mother.

Second, she gave the highest priority to rear me. When I was a child, she had a difficulty getting along with my father’s relatives. I hadn’t known the fact until I became a high school student. Some relatives teased her with thoughtless words. Some relatives suddenly called my mother and made her work like a maid. These issues ruined her dignity… She wanted to divorce my father as he was unreliable, but she didn’t do that for me. If my parents had divorced, my life could have been changed badly. I happily could grow without any troubles thanks to my mother.

If I were in her shoes, I might have gotten a mental disease because of a lot of stressors. I really appreciated that she protected and cherished me at the sacrifice of her own life. As for gay like me, I would spare more money and time for myself. That might be the privilege of LGBT as many of us don’t have babies. In contrast, that might narrow down my perspectives as I’m always interested in myself only. So, having someone to protect as well as taking a responsibility to others might be important, that’s my recent concern…

Overall, Mother’s day is the one to remember me the unconditional love from my mother. And that defines the reason why I live as well as motivates me to survive in a competitive society. I really appreciate my mother and I have to reflect on how to be a person like her, not staying inside my world.