Let me share my first academic writing. It was so difficult…and took time to write up my assignment. This made me wonder if I could go through this course… haha

• The advantages of travelling to other countries.

Travelling to other countries can benefit you in two main ways. The first benefit for them is that it can refresh yourself. For example, unseen scenery such as big mountains or beautiful oceans can give you a wonderful surprise, and also the local foods you eat for the first time can bring you an unforgettable memory. These new and exciting experiences can make you forget daily life and give you a refreshing feeling. The second advantage of travelling to foreign countries is that it can help you have many points of view. As examples, in a country, it can be natural to be treated unfriendly at almost all the shops. However, in another country, you can be welcomed friendly wherever you visit. These diffrence between countries can help you understand a wide variety of values and give you a lot of viewpoints. To summerize, traveling abroad can make you refreshed, and also give you various angles by knowing the differences.

I hope you understand what I mean…