My New Year’s Days

Today, I was relaxing at my hotel because my partner have been a cold and the condition has ups and down. So, my partner was sleeping to get rid of a cold.

It might be from the stress which my partner had… My partner arrived at Thailand one day before my visit and found that the hotel was not reserved as the reservation should have been done a long time ago!! My partner took whole day to negotiate with the staff of the online travel booking platform and finally made it possible to book the hotel we were originally supposed to stay, that I really appreciated!!

This experience has reminded me of “You never know what life has in store for you.” What is important to accept the fact and deal with it quickly.  I have a tendency to give up things soon when I have difficulties. My partner’s brave action made me feel that I have to try my best to get convincing and satisfactory results.

By the way, when I was checking the writers who could be to my liking, I found a writer. His name was David Sedaris. I bought his book “Theft by Finding.” It was his diary for about 30 years. Actually, the words and phrases were difficult to understand for non-native speaker like me. Moreover, his beautiful essays made me realize a huge gap with me… I definitely can’t imagine when I could write essays like him, but I will read his book little by little every day and improve the quality of my essays.

The view from my hotel room. What a beautiful one !!