Nanae Takahashi VS Arisa Nakajima (SEAdLINNNG)

I don’t think it is “pro” wrestling.
I hate dangerous moves which might cause critical injuries.

Today, I watched the match of Nanae Takahashi vs Arisa Nakajima, which was held on November 2nd, 2019, on Youtube, and I had mixed feelings. I know Nanae Takahashi is a veteran wrestler, but some moves looked dangerous.

I, especially, felt scary when I saw Nanae head-butted Arisa many times, that really turned me off. (You can see the scene from 3:00)

What do you think?
Is that pro wrestling?

I think head is difficult to train even if you are a pro wrestler. The scene reminded me of an episode in a book, “Secret History of Women’s Professional Wrestling” written by Rossy Ogawa. It said that Nanae would head-butt the face of her opponent, and Rossy warned her not to do that…

Also, I remember the match between Kyoko Kimura and Kana (Asuka, WWE). I don’t know the reason why, but they started head-butting each other at of the end of the match, and a referee, Tomy Ran, stopped the match and scolded them that “Are you going to kill each other?” That was not pro wrestling, I think.

If a wrestler can win with dangerous moves such as head batt, punch etc., I don’t think a wrestler need to train hard. In my opinion, I want to enjoy pro wrestling which respects rules.

That’s why I want to see not only exciting bust also safe pro wrestling. I don’t need the thrill that wrestlers might be injured or faint. In contrast, only expressions of wrestlers can make pro wrestling fans moved. For example,  desperate expression of a rookie makes us heartworming, and we cannot help cheering up the rookie. I think there are many ways to entertain fans, and all the fans don’t hope that moves become more dangerous.

This match made me think about what was the moving as well as exciting match.
Arisa finally beat Nanae and attained the title.