Only the person knows the truth.

At the same timing as Tokyo Rainbow Pride, there was a topic that around 3% of us is LGBTA(A means Asexual) in Japan, that generated a considerable debate.

In contrast, the survey in 2015 showed 7.6% was LGBTQ(Q means Queer/Questioning).

About the difference between the two, there are two reasons; the number of survey respondents and the method of survey. So, both could be correct.

For me, the figure 7.6% sounded higher when I heard the news in 2015. It illustrated that one of 13 persons was at least LGBTQ, that was questionable as my impression. The figure 3%, however, might be credible.

In Japan, it is so difficult to know others’ sexual orientation because there is an unspoken rule that everyone must be straight. I have been doubted as a gay for a long time, but people around me (except for my gay friends) wouldn’t think I’m a real gay.

This is off topic, but I used to be teased about my girly behavior. When I was a student, some classmates called me “Okama!”, a disparaging name for men who behave girly. Moreover, even after becoming a working professional, some colleagues directly asked me if I was a gay…

Going back to the story, unless I show the exact evidences as a gay, the people around me won’t believe I am a gay.

The reason is that most of them don’t have something to do with the gay who come out of the closet. They, therefore, cannot believe I am a gay with the limited imagination or experiences. That’s why, they are just joking around me and there will be no room enough to accept the fact, I think. Now, I can dodge their rude comments, although they sometimes hurt me…

Overall, only the person knows the truth. I am sometimes about to say “Can you just leave me alone? Could you be responsible for your unconsidered words when you would know the truth?”

What do you think??