Poor at speaking ad-lib in English

Today, I was very happy and motivated to improve my English because I could find my next goal. Lately, I had the opportunities to use English at work. Specifically, there were the meetings with the potential business partners from foreign country. In addition, I communicated by email before and after the meetings in English.

Actually, I would have the same opportunity about seven years ago. However, I couldn’t utilize and improve my English ability as I wasn’t confident in speaking English. In contrast, I have a confidence these days.

What is the difference …?

One reason is that I recently continue learning English everyday. About seven years ago, I didn’t have the habit to use English every day. I used to be so rushed and managed to remember all the English sentences I had to convey  just before the meeting. I memorized them perfectly. So, as you can easily imagine, I didn’t have room enough to speak ad lib in English.

How can we make a good communication in such a situation… ? haha

In one and a half months, I will have a meeting with another potential business partner abroad. I will try to deliver a presentation about our company profile in English. Also, I will do my best to negotiate about commercial index. I will do whatever I can prepare for the meeting !!

I have mixed feelings of exiciting and anxious… , but it would be time to break through my negative feelings about using English at business.