Positive Attitude

Today, I felt a sense of accomplishment when I left our office because I could work with a positive attitude for the first time in a long while. Indeed, I did two positive things in the workplace; a propose based on data analysis and an effective communication with one of my colleagues.

First, I worked on analyzing our customer data to find out the resolutions for the issues we were facing. Lately, I couldn’t spare time for it as I was chased by a lot of chores. However, I made up my mind to improve my advantage; furthermore, I wanted to expand my presence in the workplace. Last week, I had a meeting with staff in our foreign company. They seemingly didn’t put an importance on data analysis. Therefore, I will propose something effective as well as show how importance data analysis is with convincing data. This is a kind of my obsessiveness.

Second, I resolved a misunderstanding between me and one of my colleagues with an effective communication. Last week, she pushed me a bothersome job though she had declared to work on it before. It was natural that I couldn’t be convinced, so I complained about it. However, a boss, who didn’t know the background at all, cut in. Consequently, I was forced to do that job with unreasonable reasons. My boss sent me an arrogant and irrelevant mail, that was an effective way to demotivate me easily… I’ll keep this as an evidence of the harassment. (Joke)

Because of the disagreement, the relation between me and the colleague got worse. We didn’t talk anything by this evening, that made me feel that I had to change the atmosphere before the human relation got the worst. I changed my mind and (reluctantly) accepted the job. Then, I managed to consider how I could enjoy the job… While considering the ideas, I felt that what made me annoyed grew smaller. Finally, I could talk to the colleague friendly and resolve the problem.

That’s why, I could feel a sense of accomplishment. The trouble is that I cannot maintain this positive attitude. In fact, I have mental ups and downs according to the workload. I wonder how to deal with it. At the same time, I realize it must be very difficult problem I have to challenge through my working life.