Preparing for a business trip in Taiwan

I’m going to go to Taiwan to attend a launch event of our new product next week.

We have a foreign company. I go with those who developed the product.

They’re going to deliver a presentation to Taiwan media.

I have coordinated a skype meeting between the presenters and our foreign company to brush up the content of the presentation.

I had difficulty finding out a happy medium because selling points used to sway customers are different between Taiwan and Japan. We discussed what is the best for local customers.

At first, the presenters seemed to be doubtful about what Taiwanese staff said but tried to understand the situation in Taiwan, that I really appreciate.

What I put an importance on is to maintain a balance of localized and generalized from a viewpoint of branding.

I don’t think it’s good to accept all the ideas from Taiwan because it will lose brand consistency across countries.

We’re working on preparing guidelines for branding. It will take time to build a consensus with our foreign companies, but I think this is what we have to do right now.