Problems of project management 2

This is a continuation from yesterday’s entry.

The second problem is about reaching consensus with my colleagues.

I was so frustrated in a meeting.

We shared our feedbacks about the proposal from the production company.

I asked each member for checking it before the meeting.

However, a member seemed not to check it too well and her opinion didn’t hit the spot, that disappointed me.

I was expecting her too much as I thought she would make the most of her strength in this area.

I was about to get upset, but I tried to maintain calm.

On the other hand, I considered if it was my fault.

Certainly,when I told to check it in advance, I didn’t clearly share the points we should focus on.

I assumed that we have built consensus and  must have the same point of view. However, I found it my misunderstanding.

This experience has taught me that I have to keep on sharing what I expect even if it sounds too much for them.

Building consensus is what I have to improve.

Although I have more I want to complain…, I work on project management.