Problems of project management

I work on a project as a leader.

To my surprise, I face more problems than I imagined.

The project is to create a movie which explains how to use our products.

Our company handles cosmetics products.

Some customers use our products wrongly and are dissatisfied with them.

To avoid this, we prepare the movie and aim to increase their loyalty.

We have selected a production company through a competition.

The company was ideal for us because they have many works and know-how.

Moreover, they took on our job with short lead time and at reasonable price.

It’s been about week since we made a contract and the first problem happened soon.

Unfortunately, one of the staff in the production company got hospitalized a day after the kick off meeting.

I thought how bad the timing is, but I couldn’t blame given the circumstances…

That has already caused a few days delay on the project.

As the staff finally recovered, the project restarted today.

Furthermore, I face the second problem…To be continued.