Rainy Days And Mondays

Today, I was demotivated in the morning, but I could concentrate on work in the afternoon.
I was tired in the morning because today was the first day after three consecutive holidays. My brain didn’t work, and it was difficult to prioritize my tasks. So, I was doing only easy tasks and waiting for the lunch break.

During the lunch break, I went out to read magazines of our industry because our product was awarded by two magazines. Reading the magazines, I found our product highly featured. That made me feel that I should send the actual books to our foreign companies to share this good news. (I belong to an international department.) I bought magazines for each foreign company, that was very heavy. Worse still, it was raining… I looked for the restaurant which offered comfortable space for a customer who had big books, as well as got soaked. I dropped in a pork cutlet restaurant. In fact, I ate deep-fried food yesterday, and it was fed up with it. Despite this, I prioritized to take a rest in the wide space.

Coming back to our office, I could concentrate on work in the afternoon. I worked on brand control. I work for a Japanese manufacture, and the contents which form brand image are created in Japan. So, I collected contents such as movies and visuals. And then, I organized a list. I also entered the regulations of the usage if they were used overseas. I thought organizing was very import. If there were not a list, different kinds of requests from foreign companies would be made. Not only that, I would be confused because I had to deal with many requests in a time. That’s horrible…

Tomorrow, I am going to work on considering business challenges of our foreign companies. I’ll list up the potential issues which they have to deal with. To support my consideration, I’m going to check KPIs referring to the results of data analysis. How wide the range of my job description is!! It is difficult to keep up with, but I’ll switch gears and work on it for our foreign companies.

Tonight, I recorded my free talk in English for about 10 minutes. I was really disappointed that my English didn’t come out smoothly, but I’ll hang on. What one likes, one will do well.