Reading the faces

Today, I was really exhausted because I joined the movie shooting of our new products after the business trip to Taiwan by yesterday.

I had been in the studio for about twelve hours. What I did was to judge if the movie was shooted according to our brand image. I had difficulty correcting the course when the contents didn’t match the brand image.

I learned that I should insist my opinion even if I’m less experienced to the movie production. The staff were so matured and had know how such as the lightning, the shooting, and the directing. Therefore, I was about to be hesitant to correct their proposals. However, as a behalf of our company, I managed to judge what matches our image and what doesn’t. Finally, I could feel a sense of accomplishment because I could direct the movie shooting based on the view of the world of our brand.

Tomorrow, I will take a break all day. I could had a so fruitful week because of the business trip to Taiwan and today’s movie shooting. What stressed me out the most was the mental fatigue. I took the staff in other department to Taiwan and showed them around during their free time. Moreover, I expressed my opinion reading the faces of the staff in the production company today.