Reason to leave a job

What is the reason to leave a job ?

It differs from person to person.

One of my colleagus may leave a job soon.

She sends me a mail and tells me that she wants to take the morning off because she’s not feeling well.

And then, she sends me a mail again around noon and tells me that she wants to take the afternoon off because she’s been feeling bad.

She took two days off in a row this week with this reason.

It has a bad influences to my job routine.

She says it is because of period pains. I can’t imagine how hard it is, but I don’t think it lasts everyday.

The trouble is that this happens every week. Does she have period pains everyday ?

One of my colleagues said that it continues for three days at the longest.

This is why I wonder if her reason to take a day off is true and what is the real reason.

Only she knows the truth. It differs from person to person.It is the most difficult question for me to look into what other people really think.