Sendai Girls at Korakuen Hall

On April 16th, I went see Sendai Girls: a Japanese pro-wrestling promotion at Korakuen Hall.

The reason why I went was to see Millie McKenzie (Fight Club) and Killer Kelly (NXT UK) wrestle live. The hall was filled with a variety of audiences; a group of children and their teacher, Juniors or friends of Chihiro Hashimoto (They were muscled ladies like Hashimoto), foreign fans, and Bea Priestley (AEW) etc.

Actually, the matches of Millie McKenzie and Killer Kelly were under my expectation.

Millie had a championship match with Manami. Manami was still a junior high school student, so I didn’t think I could see Millie’s suplex as it was so dangerous to a child. Before the gong ringed, Manami drop-kicked Millie from behind, that really made me excited. However, that was the only highlight and Millie won via spear in a short time…

About Kelly, I really loved her expressive face. We could easily understand how she felt looking at her face, that was so heartwarming. Her facial expressions made us cheer her up without consciousness. However, I was fed up with the way DASH Chisako, her opponent, attacked. It looked like bullying Kelly, that really left me a bad impression…

Anyway, I was satisfied with looking at them live.

By the way, I was so impressive by a match.

It was Sareee (DIANA) vs Meiko Satomura. It was the first time to see Sareee. Watching her wrestling, I fell in love with her because of three reasons. First, she had an attractive aura. While she was making her way to the ring, her face was covered with a sense of tension, that gained my expectation to the match. Second, she was so strong-minded. She screamed “I’ll never lose !!” during the match. The guts made the fans more excited. Third, she was so tough. She got up many times despite Satomura’s hard attacks. Sareee finally beat Satomura after thrilling wrestling.

I wanted to take photos with Millie, Kelly and Sareee, but I had to leave the hall just after the main event. On the way I was moving towards the elevator, Kelly and Millie were standing near the entrance for fan service.