Settling my expenses

Today, I was a little tired because I settled my business trip expenses after a while. I was taking time to deal with it. My expenses in November must be settled within the first two operating days in December, so I was rushed.

I organized the receipts during my business trip. And then, I registered each receipt on the web-based settlement service called Concur. As I went on a business trip for the first time in 8 months, my previous records have been clearly deleted…

I learned how to use Concur once again reading the manual. One of the strengths is that it can recognize the letters on the receipt only by taking a picture of it. That’s why it can reduce our time to type what the receipt is.

However, that is just available on the receipts in Japanese. In case of foreign languages, I have to take a photo as well as type the letters. That is a hard word work for those who went on the business trips abroad !!

Tomorrow, I will look back on the last week’s business trip.I will prepare to report what I have done there. Moreover, I’m going to explain a temporary staff who joined our team today about our overseas business. A lot of tasks are waiting for me because of the last week’s absence and the beginning of the month. I will be stressed out…, but I will do my best because I’m getting a bonus late this week !!