Should high school students wear uniforms ?

Whether high school students should wear school uniforms or not differs among countries. It is held that high school students should not have to wear uniforms. The tenability of this position is questionable, however. This essay argues against the opinion according to three reasons. Wearing uniforms would play important roles to reduce bullies as well as maintain safety. Moreover, that would cut time to consider what to wear.

First, there could happen an oppressor because of the gap between rich and poor, if high school students would go with clothes they wear freely. In fact, teachers alert how badly the cheap brands which students wear could affect rascals. (Clark, 2008)

Second, wearing uniforms would prevent high school students from being in danger. As an example, when a stranger would invade school, teachers could easily see the stranger as he or she would not wear a uniform. (OSSI, unknown)

Finally, the strongest reason why I disagree is that high school students should concentrate on their study if they have time enough to worry about what they wear every day. Research shows that average hours of educational activities is between 5.5 and 6.5 hours per day. (United States Department of Labor, 2016) It is one fourth of a day and should be used effectively.

For these reasons, wearing uniforms are necessary because it would provide high school students with not only security but also equality. In addition, students could concentrate on their study. It is very important what to do and how to spend during their school days as it is very short and limited.

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