Today, I was very happy because I went to watch a pro wrestling “STARDOM” at Korakuen Hall (the  holy place of martial arts in Japan) and enjoyed my time.

There were two reasons why I went there.

The first reason was that I wanted to see Viper. I heard that she would sign with WWE, so I wanted to see her wrestling as it might be the last match in Japan…Sad…What I love her the best is her personality. She’s so friendly and makes people around her smile. When I took a picture with her today, she said “Ohayo~~~(Good morning in Japanese)” while waving her both hands, that was so cute !!

The second reson was watching “SASUKE special” by Sadie Gibbs. I had been impressed by her amazing physical ability at STARDOM World (A streaming service by STARDOM). She must be a physical elite. Today, I finally could see it live!! I might see wrong, but she added twist to Moonsalto attack. I felt her enthusiasm for the match at Korakuen. And, at the same time,  her beautiful moveset made me convince that she would sign with WWE sooner or later…Sad…

Anyway, I had a good time watching “Joshi Pro (Female Wresting in Japanese)”. I could refresh myself very much !!