Stardom : A Japanese joshi puroresu

Five foreign wrestlers joined at Stardom

On March 28th, I went see Stardom promotion: a Japanese women’s professional wrestling promotion at Korakuen hall. I have been interested in foreign wrestlers. This time, five wrestlers; Viper(NXT UK), Bea Briestley(AEW), Xia Brookside(NXT UK), Goya Kong(AAA), and Rebel Kel gathered from some countries and promotions. How luxurious the lineup was!! I remembered I had bought the ticket the moment I heard the news.

What was Rebel Kel like?

I was especially interested in Goya Kong and Rebel Kel who wrestled at Stardom for the first time. Today, I’d like to share my impression to Rebel Kel. I saw the championship match between Rebel Kel and Utami Hayashishita.

First, I found Rebel looked so nervous when she was making her way to the ring. Then, she was waiting for the Utami’s entrance at the wrong corner. The mistake might have been from tension, that was a heartwarming scene for me.

Second, she had an extremely small face. The size might be the smallest among all the foreign wrestlers in Stardom. In contrast, the lower half of her body was thick. I couldn’t see if it was trained or natural, but it would become a strength as a wrestler.

I knew the result of the match…

Sadly, I knew the result that Utami would win before the match because of the two reasons. One is that Stardom was planning to make Utami the ace, so she hadn’t lost except for Kagetsu after her debut. I would be so disappointed when Utami won Viper last January… Another is that Stardom would not pass the championship belt to foreign wrestlers who would not join regularly. I remember Toni Storm had complained about that before…

That’s why, it was often the case that we could imagine the result easily. Although that was a complaint to Stardom, I forgot that and focused on looking at her movesets. She showed some moves utilizing her tall height. It was so beautiful and dynamic, that I loved. However, as the match went, she apparently looked tired… I thought she needed to build stamina first. Finally, she lost Utami by the Torture Rack Bomb.

If she could overcome the area to improve, she would become popular in the near future as she had a lot of potential. At this point I felt the big gap with other four foreign wrestlers who signed to the major promotions. Nobody knows if she could come back to Stardom again…