Stress! Stress! Stress!!

Today, I was feeling a little bad. It might have been from stress… I was occupied with “negative energy flow” from others.

One was a foreign company’s staff. He had a disagreement with a staff in another department. They were communiating through me, so I was in a dilemma. The foreign company’s staff was so excied that he said the words which sounded so violent, that I really hated. I knew what both wanted to insist, but there could be no choice but to find a happy medium.

Another was my boss, she was so rushed because of the deadline of the documents. It may be misunderstanding, but the way she spoke sounded so irritated. I was so sensitive and easy to be influenced by other’s emotion…

Overall, it was so stressful day today. To say “Good work today!!” to myself, I bought a littile expensive foods and a can of beer at the supermarket while going home. It will heal me and release my stress out. This experience has taught me that you cannot survive unless you know how to manage your stress !!