Takako Okamura

Today, I was very shocked because I heard the news that Takako Okamura, a Japanese female singer, revealed her disease. She was diagnosed as acute leukemia.

She was very famous especially in 90s and called as “Office Lady Guru” then. Moreover, she has still been popular over 30 years. Around a few years ago, I remember that I tried to get the tickets of her concert, but I failed. They were sold out a few minutes after ticket opening.

Why has she been so popular for a long time? I love her songs because of three reasons.

First, her songs are positive and supportive. For example, my favorite songs are “夢をあきらめないで (Don’t give up your dream)” and “NO RAIN, NO RAINBOW”. She sings them very softly with less emotions, that gives me confidence as well as heals me.

Second, in contrast, her songs sometimes sound negative. She sings her honest feelings emotionally. As examples, “砕ける波に…(Into the breaking wave)” and “潮の香りの中で(In the scent of the sea)” express crying inside herself.

Third, this gap between positive aspect and negative aspect makes her more attractive. She honestly reveals her two faces, that is very human. I really hate the singers who sing only fine words or ideal things in a pushy way.

For these reasons, her songs have been my favorites. Her kind words cure me especially when I’m stressed out at work. Moreover, her honest feelings generate my sympathy. She is a talented singer who creates the songs which is considerate of our emotional ups and downs.

I really hope she will get well soon. Her new album will be released next month, so I can’t wait for her early come back.