Thankful feedbacks

Today, I was very happy because I could share my complaints about my current jobs with a colleague in other department and could get the feedbacks from him.

I told that I was not motivated to work lately and listed up the potential reasons. The colleague analyzed what were the main reasons and advised me how I should behave to overcome the issues.

This experience has taught me that I would give some advices when I heard the the complaints from other colleagues, I had been just listening to them and hadn’t advised, that might not be fruitful… I promised that I would work with him next year by proposing a new project to the board members. This would encourage me to work comfortably.

I’m joining the year-end party in our department this evening. I will go straight to home once the first party finish. I’m taking a day off and going to the PC class for learning Illustrator tomorrow, so I don’t want to be a hangover at all !!