The Biggest Headache

It is better to focus on the biggest headache rather than being controlled by trivial stressors.

The reason is that trivial stressors will disappear sooner or later from my experience. I can laugh them out when I look back on the memories. Therefore, it is just a waste of time to be blue because of trivial things.

In fact, I have had a disagreement with my boss lately. It is a kind of torture for me to meet her on weekdays. Worse still, I don’t have the opportunity for transfer although I have been insisting for a long time, that made me get tired of our company…

However, I’m not sure if I’ll be working with the current boss in 10 years. Furthermore, I might work for another company or live abroad. Thus, the disagreement is a very small thing in my long life. Just laugh it out.

Meanwhile, the biggest headache is the future of the relationship with my partner. As a matter of fact, we don’t talk about our future specifically. As an example, “How we should do when either die?” I wonder if I can be with my partner when he almost dies and then attend the funeral. The problem is that our future is like “Let it be.”, so I’m sometimes anxious about the uncertain future.

That’s why, it is wise to take time to reflect on how to solve this issue. I have to use my precious time not for my boss, but for the future with my partner. If I could prepare for our future in advance, the bright future will be waiting for us.

In conclusion, I have been spending stressful days because of my boss, but I would like to shift the viewpoint and positively concentrate on planning the future with my partner.