The consistency of the brand image

Today, I was a little happy because I found that every task I did led the  establishment of the brand image.

I was considering the narrator of the how-to movie of our new products. I checked the voices of some potential narrators. While I was listening to the voices, I strongly came to focus on if the voices would meet our brand image.

I realized how important the branding was. Moreover, I learned that I had to maintain its consistency to convey our brand image right even when we select the narrator. I watched some movies of our competitors. The voices differed depending on the brand, that was a new finding for me. We’re going to choose the narrator early next week. We will share our feedback each other. I think that will help us bridge the gap of our brand image and find whose voice would be the best !!

Tomorrow, I will take a break. I don’t know why, but I was feeling bad all day today. The temperature has its ups and downs recently. It might be affect me badly.