The Essay of A Bad Day

Today, I was exhausted because some negative things happened. Worth still, I have been stressed out as I have stayed at home lately… That’s why it was a bad day today.

In the morning, I made a mistake when I was making a report, that was a waste of time. After that, a colleague asked me for solving the issue instead of the colleague. While we were talking, I was irritated because the colleague’s story was circuitous, and it took one hour for me to understand the outline. I thought “You should solve the issue as you are not a child.”, but I didn’t say as a working professional.

And then, I go out for buying lunch. It was a heavy rain in Tokyo, and I got soaked, that made me blue. The reason is that I have imagined the worst situation without conscious. If the disasters like big earthquake or heavier rain than today happened besides coronavirus pandemic, how could I live??

In the afternoon, a colleague asked me to analyze data. Not only that, the colleague requested me submit by this evening, that made me frustrated. I knew it was necessary at an important meeting, though. Tell me earlier…

Three hours ago, I finally finished my work. For the change of phase, I started doing exercise. Until the emergency declaration is lifted, I will lose my weight at least 5kg, that is my new goal to attain!!