The First Weekend After The Emergency Declaration of Coronavirus Pandemic

Today, I stay at home, and I have studied English since this morning. This weekend, my partner doesn’t visit my house, so I wonder how to spend time alone.

My partner lives with his family, and he visits me only on weekends. Because of the emergency declaration this week, he decided to stay at his house. I’m a little sad, but that’s just the way it is.

First of all, it is the best judgement for his health. In addition, if he left his house, his family would wonder why he has to leave under this emergency. (We don’t tell our families that we are dating.)

This experience made me feel that if either of us got sick or disease, would it be possible for us to meet each other? There seems to be a big wall between LGBT and straight people.

Now, it is all right as we are still healthy, but we will face this kind of issue sooner or later. What should I do…?

By the way, I’ll clean my room, and I’ll practice the pronunciation of English. I want to make YouTube debut, and I express my thoughts in English someday. Very exciting!!