The Graduation of Yuka Miyazaki (Juice=Juice)

Yuka Miyazaki (Yuka) graduated from her group: Juice=Juice on June 17th. The news reminded me of an unforgettable memory at their release event. So, I will share what I experienced there.

Why I Love Juice=Juice

I was a fan of Juice=Juice, especially I liked Karin Miyamoto (Karin). She had a lot of stories until she finally got the chance to make a debut. Indeed, she failed several auditions although she was regarded as the major applicant. Despite that, she wouldn’t give up and trained for the debut, that made me cheer for her. In addition, I loved her performance. Her facial expression, in particular, was admirable. A case in point was the performance of “私が言う前に抱きしめなきゃね” (Hug me before I ask you.) I was knocked out by her precocious expression. What was more, she did it intentionally, that pulled at my heart. That’s why, I was supporting Juice=Juice and I used to join the event every time a new song was released. Then the incident happened during an event.

A Traumatic Experience…

At the event, there was a handshaking event after the performance. I didn’t think there was time enough to enjoy conversation with each member because Hello Project: A production company which Juice=Juice belonged to, was famous for offering extremely fast handshake. (No Fan Friendly…) So, I went with the short words “I’ll support you.” I could shake hands with Karin and Akari Uemura without any problems.

And then I shook hands with Yuka. Looking at me, she said “You are so fashionable, aren’t you?” Indeed, I might have stood out as I went there with casual clothes (Wore a Polo shirt putting on a cardigan). In contrast, most of the fans wore the T-shirts of their favorite members to show their loyalty. As different color was assigned to each member, the event space filled with colorful T-shirts.

Hearing her words, I froze up because I didn’t prepare any words. And then I moved on to Tomoko Kanazawa. I remember that I was looking at Yuka while shaking hands with Tomoko. I was so panicked then… Yuka was looking at me wonderingly.

Finally, Sayuki Takagi was waiting. Seeing me drape a cardigan on my shoulders, Sayuki said a surprising name to me. “Ishida Junichi!” He is an actor and famous for putting on a cardigan. I was panicked again. (Looking back on that, how impolite her attitude was. Worse still, it sounded very rough.)

I didn’t think I was treated like a goofy character, that became a traumatic experience. For this reason, I haven’t joined their release event for a long time. I, though, still love their brilliant performance. The news of Yuka Miyazaki clearly reminded me of this incident. Here is the digest movie of her last concert.

A New Star: BEYOOOOONDS Arises

A new group of Hello Project: BEYOOOOONDS is making their debut this August. As with Karin, there are some members who trained for a debut for a long time. As a fan, I want to say “Congratulations!!” face to face. But I’m afraid of the trauma. Worse still, the number of members is more than double. So, it follows the risk is more than double as well!? (Joking)

Anyway, I really want to celebrate the graduation of Yuka Miyazaki.

It took time to finish this blog entry as I wrote about Idol in English for the first time, that I really enjoyed. What one likes, one will do well.