The inside of the ceiling

Do you look at the ceiling ?

When I looked at the ceiling of my new condo, I found that the inside of the ceiling could be seen through the hole of the downlight. I could see the red line roughly drawn in the inner part. In addition, a yellow cable was running. I wondered why they were exposed. Should they be covered for two reasons; safety and appearance?

My first action

I called the construction company and complained about that. First, a staff in the supplier of the downlight visited. He insisted one-sided opinion that it was safe and no problem. Moreover, he continued that the construction method could prevent many insects from invading my room. That was it. I had two complaints. “Were you 100% sure that insects would not invade as there is a space between my room and inside of the ceiling?”, “Didn’t you have a comment on the appearance?” This unprofessional attitude made me disappointed and I called the construction company once again.

Who would be fault…?

Second, a person in the construction company came. He insisted that he had just followed the order from the real estate company. That attitude looked like “We were not fault”. Actually, who was wrong did not matter at all for the buyer, me. I just wanted to get my complaint resolved… He left my home saying that he would propose three alternative solutions at his next visit. He, however, didn’t clearly mention who would pay the charge then.

Don’t bring me down…

Several days later, to my surprised, he visited me with no proposals. Why? He came just to show how safe the downlight was. As I mentioned many times, “Didn’t you have a comment on the appearance?”, that really made me mad. He must have discussed how to deal with this issue with the real estate company and decided to persuade me to accept the downlight currently installed.

“You are telling me that I should give up? No way!”

I told him to accompany with a person of the real estate company. I would not surrender until I could come to a happy conclusion. The clash over the downlight continues…