The Last Day of July

Today, I was exhausted because of summer fatigue. It suddenly became hot in Tokyo lately, so walking outside was not comfortable. I, however, walked around our company during lunch break.

When I go out for lunch alone on weekdays, I often take a walk for about 30 minutes after having lunch. I always listen to music as well as consider nothing while walking, that naturally makes my complicated thoughts organized. Indeed, walking is a change of phase for me.

I make it a rule to go with another route from the route of one day before. It was like an adventure, but I sometimes lose my way and arrive at a wrong destination.

It is stressful for me to spend time with colleagues in lunch time except for a few colleagues who are on good terms. I like the way my colleagues communicate because most of them won’t invade my comfort zone, that I really respect. I think the culture of our company matched my personality, that would be one of judgement criteria when I look for another job.

After work, I walked to my house. While walking, I visited the bookstore near our company, and then dropped in the pet shop. It is becoming my favorite routine.

At the bookstore, I bought two books. One is for those who look for a job which requires English skills, and another is to recommend a relaxed way of life. I’ll read them after finishing making this blog entry. Whenever I was wondering which way I should go with in my life, books give me a lot of tips as well as make me relieved.

By the way, it is the last day of July today. I went through a lot of things this month. In fact, a fortune telling told me that July was the best month for me among months in this year. That’s why I was expecting too much. It also told that I would learn a lot of things which can improve my skills.

Certainly, I read several books this month. In early this month, I came to consider changing job, and started reading a book about a career change. Next, I read the book about web marketing which might be useful at the next career. I hope these books will help me improve my skills in some way or other. At least, I can say that this July was a cue to proceed with the next step of my career.