The Puddings made me happy !!

Today, I was a little sorry but turned to be happy later. The reason why I was sorry was that there was no notice of my transfer this time… I thought that “Things never works out as you expect.” However, I got happy through an incident.

While I was going home, I found that a very popular pudding shop near our office still had some stocks. Moreover, my favorite type of puddings among all the types were still there. I bought four puddings for me and my friends.

This incident made me happy. At the same time, what made me feel down seemed to be so trivial. I’d like to say thank you to the pudding shop because it helped me change my emotion easily! Although what I do will be the continuity of the current job next year, I will do my best to improve its quality. Especially, I’d like to focus on improving my management skills to make the communication better in our team and establish a comfortable atmosphere.

From tomorrow, I’m having three days off in a row. I will go to the gym for exercise and then enjoy my time with my friends having the puddings !!