The Reasons Why I Learn English

A Diary by Handwriting

Today, I was considering the main reasons why I was keeping on learning English. Indeed, they had been vague, so I needed to spare time for making them clear.

First, I reflected on the goal for learning English. Then, I asked myself which skills I wanted to improve the most? Writing? Reading? Speaking? Listening? While asking myself, I found myself just longing for a smart working professional who could be free with English.

So, I realized I needed to make my goals more specific. Otherwise, my learning could be ineffective. The reason was that I tended to study according to mood. Therefore, it would take time to make learning plan consistent.

Considering my priority, I would like to improve my writing skills. So, I continue to make a blog entry repeating trial and error. As for the other skills, I would like to improve in the long run as they aren’t urgently necessary.

To improve my writing skills, what I have to do is as follows.
1. Remembering English words to expand the range of expression.
2. Getting used to conjunction to make my story logical
3. Reading columns or essays of professional writers. Meeting my preference is better.

I study English very hard. Meanwhile, I know others study English as hard as me. So the comparison is nonsense.

What one likes, one will do well.