The second assignment for academic writing

I share the second assignment for academic writing as below. Although I didn’t have time enough to reflect on it, I managed to finish it !!

Young people today rely on technology such as smartphones, and social media such as Facebook and Twitter to communicate with friends. These technology and social media have effects on their social lives in two main points.

First, technology such as smartphones influences the decrease of the face-to-face communication among young people. They have been used to the latest technology and free with it since their childhood. For example, when there is a question, they ask their smartphones instead of asking their friends. Therefore, technology makes less direct communication in their social lives, although it makes our lives convinient.

Second, social media such as Facebook and Twitter controls young people’s social behaviors. The number of “Like” in social media is a kind of criterion for popularity. So, their social lives are owned by what they should do to get more “Likes” from their friends. As an example, they even wait in a line at famous restaurants for a long time to take some pictures which will get a lot of “Likes”.

In conclusion, their social lives are mainly influenced by two reasons ; technology and social media. Technology reduces the opportunity that young people communicate with their friends in person. On the other hand, social media, especially the number of “Like”, has an impact on their social activities. We need to reflect on how these facts have bad effects on the growth of their personalities.

I hope I will get a favorable comment from a teacher…