The tweet of Will Ospreay

(This article has been updated on August 21, 2019)

Why did the disagreement happen between Sadie Gibbs and Will Ospreay?

This week, Sadie Gibbs returned to her home country: the UK before going through her entire schedule in Stardom: A Japanese women’s pro wrestling promotion. Will Ospreay indirectly expressed his disappointment about it on Twitter. On the other hand, Sadie replied that the tweet hurt her.

1. Why did Sadie Gibbs have to return the UK?

While I was looking through a Japanese textboard called 2channel this week, I found that Sadie Gibbs would return to the UK in a few days. I doubted the post because there was no official announcement then. However, checking her Instagram, I found that her grandfather passed away. The post made me feel that the rumor on the 2channel could be true. Finally, it was officially announced last Friday.

2. What did Ospreay mention on his twitter?

He seemed to give some advice Bobbi Tyler and Sadie. He tweeted “I told them that Japan isn’t a vacation, this is work, that I don’t think they are ready for it.” and continued that Bobbi was getting better day by day and there was no mention to Sadie. It made me feel that he criticized her return. I think this is so sensitive issue. In Japan, a woman pro wrestler The Bloody wouldn’t have canceled her schedule even when her mother passed away and the magazines evaluated her professional attitude. However, it’s already been about 20 years ago since the incident.

3. How did Sadie feel about Ospray’s tweet?

She replied to Ospreay’s tweet that she was not only in a deep grief because of the loss of someone so close to her but also hurt by his tweet. I know how she feels. You will experience emotional ups and downs by someone’s death. We would have no choice but to wait for her recovery.

In conclusion, I partly agree with Ospreay’s opinion that coming to Japan isn’t journey for foreign wrestlers, but this time would be exceptional, I think. I hope Sadie will come back to Japan again. Actually, Sadie often became the topic of conversation in 2channel because of her surprising physical ability. It was rare that Japanese fans talk about a foreign wrestler as most of them have interests in only Japanese wrestlers. I was also impressed by her movesets when I watched them live. (My report)

Sadie’s twitter has not been updated after her final tweet about Ospreay…

Sadie Gibbs is making a debut at AEW (All Elite Wrestling) on August 31, 2019

A few months after the disagreement between Sadie Gibbs and Will Ospreay, it was announced that Sadie had signed to AEW. In addition, her debut on August 31st, 2019 has been informed lately. I can’t wait for her sensational AEW debut. I wonder what the relation between Sadie and Bea Priestley, who is in a relationship with Will Ospreay as well as debuted at AEW on July 13th, 2019) would be like. I don’t think the disagreement would influence their gimmick at AEW, but I simply want to watch them wrestle.

By the way, Bea Priestley and Riho are wrestling at both AEW and Stardom right now. I wonder how the both promotions would deal with their winning or losing as well as their gimmicks. Perhaps, are AEW and Stardom going to associate in the near future? If so, Sadie might come back to Stardom after a long absence.

Indeed, the current lineup of foreign wrestlers in Stardom doesn’t seem to be attractive for me, so I am hesitant to go see Stardom. (I am interested in Avary, an Aussie wrestler who came this August, a little, though.) A few years ago, I used to enjoy female wrestlers who didn’t still have awareness and came from several countries, but the foreign rosters are almost fixed, that makes me dissatisfied.

Anyway, I hope Sadie Gibbs will make a sensational AEW debut on August 31st, 2019.