Think and Move According to Your Own Judgement Criteria

Yesterday, I had a disagreement with my boss about job descriptions for team members and the way we supported our foreign companies. (I belong to an international department.) This morning, my boss sent me an email with a lot of complains, that I really hated… It was often the case that she sent me an emotional and one-sided message. I thought she was a kind of genius to demotivate me…

I read the mail several times, but I couldn’t understand what she wanted to insist. In addition, it was not convincing but just harmful to mental health. Her message made me feel that things other people said weren’t always true.
If someone tells you something unpleasant, you don’t need to listen to it honestly. Before it gets your stressor, think if it sounds reasonably true.

Lately, I tended to be hurt by careless words from my boss…If you were influenced by someone’s words every day, you would get so exhausted as well as read someone’s face. In conclusion, just follow your judgement criteria with a brave spirit.