Throat Ache

This morning, I felt better than yesterday because I felt my throat ache decreased. I thought medicine the doctor prescribed yesterday worked well. I, however, made a big mistake… I forgot bringing the medicine to take after lunch, and I gradually came to feel bad in the afternoon. I must have been tired because of the business trip last week as I have some mistakes this week. I need to pay more attention than usual.

Today, I was busy like yesterday, and I didn’t have time enough to enjoy my lunch. I had to eat Ramen within ten minutes. I had six meetings a day including small meetings. The longer I talked, the worse my throat ached. One of the meetings, which was with our team members, stressed me out, but I tried my best not to show my frustration. It was difficult to control my feelings when I had the opposite opinions with other colleagues.

In the meeting, we talked about how to make the quality of our job improved for about two hours. A highly motivated staff insisted his own opinion. That was to share our activities aggressively to other colleagues in other departments as well as try to get them involved. I hated the way he worked because he seemingly managed to show how capable he was…
Another younger staff confessed that the current job, supporting the marketing activities of our foreign companies, was boring, so he told that he wanted to try exciting one which would attain the clear goal such as increasing the sales or expanding the business etc. I knew how he felt, but he should have said that for the first time he could deal with the basic level of our job…

Actually, I didn’t totally agree with what they insisted, but I didn’t deny them because what everyone says partly true. I also can say Everyone is different. What I should do is to reflect on my own opinion after hearing all their opinions. (It sometimes makes me annoyed, though.) To maintain harmony at workplace, it is smarter to hide my true colors. Only this blog and time with my partner or my family are places to show my true colors… haha

There is only two days left before my week-long holiday. So, I’m going to have many meetings tomorrow too. I have to recover from this throat ache within today. Besides that, I have to cure my stomach conditions. Lately, I don’t know the reason why, but I have had something wrong with my stomach.

This Friday, I’m meeting one of my friends, I will share my current status of job change activities. Indeed, there are no updates… Although I’m introduced some companies for job interviews, only a few companies meet my own criteria. Worth still, I have been waiting for the result of screening of my document for about a month. How impolite the company is!! Anyway, it will take time to find another company for a man in his late thirties. Take it easy!!