Travel Report



Today, I was feeling very well because I had a good flight. Actually, it was the first time to use a business class seat at my own expense. The seat was so wide enough to lay down. It was about 3 to 4 times as wide as an economy class’s.

Why did I do such a luxurious thing?

The reason is that I would like to treat myself as I worked very hard this year. My final destination is Bangkok, but I’m in the lounge in Taipei because the flight charge of the direct flight is far beyond my budget. That’s why I go with transit.

I will wait for the next flight for about 4 hours here, but I don’t know how to spend in the lounge… It would be the first time in a long while. That would be good choice to write a diary like this. haha

I feel I do have a change of scene and that helps forget daily life. Looking back on these experience would motivate me to work harder. It is a good cycle, isn’t it ?

This midnight, I’m arriving at Bangkok and meeting up with my friend. As I had some alcohol, I have to control the type and quantity of alcohol I’ll have. (The trouble is that every alcohol which business class serves so amazing…, so that makes me have another…)

I’ll try my best to write a diary for this trip in English!!