Triple H, WWE, Confidentially Met Sareee, A Japanese Female Pro Wrestler

WWE Tokyo Live

Sareee Is A Future Star

Sareee (born 31 March 1996) is a Japanese professional wrestler currently signed to World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana promotion (Diana), which was founded by Kyoko Inoue, who competed in All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling (AJW) and then founded NEO Japan Ladies Pro-Wrestling, in January 2011. Sareee was the first wrestler who debuted at Diana in April 2011, at the age of 15, and she has become the ace in Diana as well as Japanese female pro wrestling industry. Actually, four young wrestlers: Sareee, Takumi Iroha (Marvelous), Chihiro Hashimoto (Sendai Girls) and Yoshiko (SEAdLINNNG) are featured in the media as new generation of leaders. Sareee especially gains attention because she became a World Woman Pro-Wrestling Diana World Champion by defeating Aja Kong in March 2019. Not only that, she defeated Chihiro Hashimoto and became Sendai Girls World Champion in June 2019. That’s why, both media and fans expect that she will lead Japanese female pro wrestling industry.

Triple H Invited Sareee To WWE Live Tokyo

During that time, Tokyo Sports reported that Triple H, WWE COO, confidentially met Sareee when WWE Live Tokyo was held on June 28, 2019. ( He responded that “I heard that there are many young talented female wrestlers in Japan. Among them, Sareee is said to be the most notable wrestler. That’s why, I invited her to WWE Live Tokyo and finally could meet her.” Tokyo Sports continued that WWE proceeded with the research for acquiring her. Triple H was impressed by her polite attitude. When he left Ryogoku Sumo Hall by a car, she saw him off without umbrella. Sareee posted only the link of this web news on her Twitter July 9, 2019. I don’t know why she had no comments. Meanwhile, Kyoko Inoue, who used to train Sareee, tweeted that “There are many things, but I’ll do my best. I won’t respond to any questions.” on the same day. I could easily imagine that the tweet implied this news. I remember that there was a rumor that WWE was interested in Sareee in 2channel, a Japanese textboard, a few years ago. I realized that the rumor much have been true.

I agree that Sareee is a future star. Indeed, I fell in love with her when I watched Sareee vs Meiko Satomura live at Sendai Girls Promotion in April 2019. Despite that, I am not sure if her wrestling style matches WWE. The reason is that her wrestling style is strong style which she took over from her trainers: Kyoko Inoue and Kaoru Ito, both of whom held WWWA World Single Championship in AJW. The strong style was originally advocated by Antonio Inoki. In addition, the style emphasizes “The Merit System” based on strength. So, she was trained very hard by these trainers. A case in point was the test to become a professional wrestler, she did the squats for 1,000 times as she had a fractured bone… I was very surprised to a kind of anachronism then, but such hard training might have reinforced her guts. So, I couldn’t image how her strong style would be fused with an entertainment show. Being too serious and strict with yourself might have the risk to become a wet blanket. (It’s just my opinion.)

Can She Become Next Asuka, Kairi Sane and Io Shirai ?

It’s just my delusion, but WWE might be planning to launch NXT Japan and make Sareee the ace as it’s been rumored that so long in 2channel. If Sareee signed to WWE, a lot of fans of Japanese female wrestling would come to pay attention to not only NXT Japan but also WWE. At the same time, Sareee would have the opportunity to improve her English skills as well as acting skills required for entertaining WWE fans. Then, she would get promoted to other WWE brands such as WWE SmackDown, WWE Raw etc. In contrast, if Sareee would sign to WWE, Diana would face difficulties as she was an absolute ace who could attract fans. So, my proposal is to sign both WWE and Diana as wrestlers in NXT UK do. I hope that the negotiation will come to a happy end for both WWE and Diana.

In the near future, you might cheer her up in Mae Young Classic…