Unauthorized charges

I had an email that said I was charged by an online download site yesterday.

I was so surprised at the notice because I didn’t remember that I used the service.

I called the customer service and found that my account has been hacked by someone and he/she downloaded items illegally.

It was the first time for me to be involved in such a trouble.

As I could prove my innocence, I got refund.

I wonder how the offender hacked my account.

It made me feel scary because my personal information was stolen.

My full name, contacting number, and address can be checked on my account.

I changed both ID and password as soon as possible and also changed those of other services.

This experience has taught me that I have to pay much more attention to my personal information.

I want to say to the offender that they should work hard if they have time enough to commit theft !!