What are the causes of stress ?

Stress is a consequence of bad symptoms on both mental and physical health.

It badly influences the way you think, feel, and behave as well as your body. (Mayo Clinic staff, 2016) The causes of stress are divided into two main categories; The causes in working time and ones in private time.

Cause 1 : Stress in working time

Amongst office workers, there are a lot of stressors during working hours. Indeed, over a half of employed people in the United States feel stress because of work problems. (Lopez, 2014) First, bad human relationship is attributed to stress. As an example, when a new project launches, there is a disagreement. The underlying reason is that each member’s thought, viewpoint, and value is different. It sometimes works well. It, however, sometimes does not. Moreover, it even makes the project unproductive. Next, work environment is also stressor. For example, when a company restructures and reduces the number of the staff, the rest of the staff are forced to have more workload. This situation harms not only their physical condition, but also their mental condition.

Cause 2: Stress in private time

Besides working time, there still are the reasons of stress. Even in private time, stress bothers us. Lately, communication through social media highly triggers stress. About 77% of Americans use social media. Despite of its popularity, there is a data that the use of social media damages mental health. The factor is that there are constant social comparisons with others, that stresses the users out. (Mammoser, 2018) In contrast, maintaining a public decency has been the cause of stress from old times. As an example, when a man in his forties is unmarried, his parents give him strong pressure which makes him rushed. Unfortunately, it sometimes effects on making a bad decision.

What we can do to fight stress.

In conclusion, there are a wide variety of stressors in both working time and private time. They have a bad influence on mind condition as well as body condition. In working time, being involved in bad human relationship and busy work environment is so stressful. Even after working time, there is no time to feel relaxed. Other stressors such as comparisons among social media relationship and managing to keep a good public image attack us. What we should do is to understand the causes of stress as many as possible. Moreover, they should be removed before they get worse.

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