What did you eat yesterday? #2

Last week, I watched the third episode of “What did you eat yesterday?” (きのう何食べた? in Japanese) I enjoyed it favorably as it was closely created based on the original manga.

In the third episode, there was a memorable scene. It was about the conversation with the main character and his parents. The parents knew the sexuality of their son, but they apparently didn’t understand what gay was like. Some words from the parents hurt him without consciousness.
“I’ll accept you even if you are a criminal or a gay.”
“What kind of woman can you afford to marry?”  (I thought this implied “Can’t you really marry a woman?”)
These questions made an uncomfortable moment…

If I were asked like these from my parents, I would be hurt as well as feel the hopeless gap between me and my parents. This story made me feel that it would be difficult for parents to understand their gay son. Moreover, it would be better to hide my sexuality… There were two reasons why I thought like this.

First, coming out as a gay might be very stressful for my parents. As I grew up with a lot of love from my parents, especially my mother might faint. (It is not exaggerated…) Then, it would take time to understand each other. My parents are already in their 60s or 70s, so I don’t want to increase their mental burden for their health.

Second, I’m scared that the comfortable relationship with my parents might be broken by my confession. The relationship is, though, getting a little bad as I cannot have the right answers to the questions from my parents…
“Do you have a girl friend?”
“De you date with someone whom you cannot introduce to us?”

In summary, coming out as a gay would be risky as well as difficult to make the parents 100% understood. Moreover, that might cause bad effects such as stress and disagreement etc. Therefore, at the moment, I think it is smart to utilize “The ends justify the means.”

Anyway, in the fourth episode, another gay couple will appear.