What did you eat yesterday? #3

Last Friday, I saw the 8th episode of “What did you eat yesterday?”. The memorable scene for me was the story about the couple who was considering applying for adoption. In this case, one half of the couple was adopted into another. The reason why the couple was considering it was that one half of the couple wanted to give all his properties his partner. Unless they applied for it, a part of his properties automatically went to his parents. He wanted to avoid that.

I thought how a bothersome process it was, that made me realize a high barrier to the equity of LGBT. Even if I had my partner, our relation wasn’t accepted legally just because same sex marriage was not allowed in Japan. That was an undoubted fact.

I have been dating with my partner for about four years. We live separately, but we meet up and walk around my neighborhood every weekend. We enjoy talking what we have done during weekdays and considering the dinner we’d like to try, that is really motivating me to work with refreshed mind from the next week.

So, we love each other like other straight couples do. However, I haven’t considered the potential risks in our future. We are not allowed by the Japanese government. In addition, both families of ours don’t know our relationship. I don’t have such a courage to come out of the closet, though.

That’s why I wonder how I could do if my partner suddenly got sick or got involved in the accident. Except for my partner, no one would call me. Moreover, I am not sure how we should deal with common possessions if either died. I don’t think that it is only me who worry about the uncertain future of LGBT.

If same sex marriage were approved in Japan, many gay couples including us would come to reflect on our futures because the news certainly would make our future clearer. Moreover, it would deepen the understanding from straight people.

At this point, there is a sad fact that my partner is a legally complete stranger. However, the scene made me realize that we had to reflect on our future seriously even if gay marriage were allowed or not. There are a lot of challenging things which LGBT have to face in Japan…