What did you eat yesterday?


Last week, I was so impressed by watching Japanese TV drama “What did you eat yesterday?” (きのう何食べた?) The story was about the daily life of an ordinary gay couple in their 40s. In addition, one of them was good at cooking and a simple but delicious looking dish was featured in every episode.

It had been created based on a Japanese comic and was finally performed as a live-action drama. Surprisingly, the gay couple were played by the famous and popular actors, that really made me feel that the time had changed. Many people had regarded LGBT as a sensitive topic before, but it gradually came to be treated favorably.

I found myself attracted to the same sex as myself when I was a child. I was really suffered from that because there was no one who I could share this feeling with. Even after I became a working professional, I have been keeping it a secret. It is better to hide the truth to harmonize with colleagues in Japanese general companies. I have gotten used to the situation, although I sometimes envied those who acted against prejudice and discrimination…

While watching the TV drama, I felt tears coming to my eyes. The emotions I had been holding in overflowed. The drama was like encouraging me “You are OK. Keep it up!”, that really gave me a confidence to live as a gay as well as write this blog.

Around late April, there is TOKYO RAINBOW PRIDE. It will be good opportunity for straight people to think about LGBT. Although I know there still exists discrimination towards LGBT, I hope everyone tries to understand each other.