What one likes, one will do well.

Today, I was extremely pleased that I could finish the lesson called keeping a diary in English for a month. I could finally write my diary for 25 days during the period. I felt a sense of accomplishment and learned a lot of things.

I made it a rule to use at least one word or phrase which was new to me. Moreover, I gradually came to pay attention to the structure of my sentences. Those were big progresses for me.

As the next step, I’d like to focus on how the readers would feel. I have written my diary as I liked, but I’d like to write essays or reports which would make someone happy or give some awareness. The feedbacks from the teacher has taught me how interesting English writing was. Especially, I was very pleased to be told ” You made my day !! ” from the teacher. I’d like to be a writer who could make someone’s day !!

By the end of this year, I will reflect on the plan for next year’s English learning. First, I will set a goal and then consider the schedule. It must be achievable, so I’d like to sharpen it while repeating PDCA cycle.

I will continue the journey of English learning…

“What one likes, one will do well.”