What Will Become of Stardom?

The news that Bushi Road acquired gave me an impression that “The time changes.”

The new strategy have the potential for Stardom to boom. If it will become a boom, the entire female pro wrestling industry will also get attention from fans all over the world. Stardom will play the role of opportunity for new fans to have interests in female pro wrestling. Even if Stardom doesn’t fit them, they have other options. Indeed, there are several types of promotions such as Ice Ribbon, Sendai Girls, SEAdLINNNG etc. That’s why, good effects will be expected for the entire industry.

I, however, am not sure how the new strategy will affect current fans. To expand the business, Bushi Road might focus on new targets, and the current fans might be confused. For me, I have been a big fan of female pro wrestling for about thirty years, and it’s been comfortable for me to enjoy it in the closed space. The bigger Stardom will become, the more far I will feel the distance with rosters, that’s a little sad, honestly speaking…

Hopefully, I’ll be happy if more foreign wrestlers will gather and wrestle at Stardom. Lately, it’s sad that the potential wrestlers don’t come newly. I used to get excited about foreign wrestlers which Rossy Ogawa scouted such as Queen Maya, Viper, Goya Kong and Taya etc. Their characters are easy to understand, and they will certainly fit the strategy of content marketing.

(It’s just my complaints, but I’m not interested in the current foreign rosters in Stardom. So, I started seeing other promotions. I was especially impressed by a title match between Arisa Nakajima and Takumi Iroha, that was a typical strong style match.


I love the moves of Arisa. Please look at the moves at 2:00 and 3:07. They look skilled as well as splendid, that reminded me of Azumi Hyuga. I hope that I will see Arisa wrestling live.)

Anyway, a boom which is as popular as competition against each promotion in early 90’s might occur. I really look forward to that, and every female pro wrestler has the opportunity to get attention.