Where’s a happy medium?

Today, I was quite tired, because I and Taiwanese staff had a meeting for a long time, but couldn’t find a happy medium.

We discussed the marketing strategy for the next year. I proposed to start a loyalty program for customers. However, the Taiwanese staff disagreed with it.

I learned that I should have prepared for the meeting more. I took time to explain data which I analyzed and couldn’t show the merits of launching the program.

The Taiwanese staff insisted that what I proposed might be difficult to introduce because it would require renovation on computer systems. Although they know the importance of my proposal, they didn’t find an answer to make it practical.

Tomorrow, I’m going to summarize what we have discussed today and reflect on what I can do for the next proposal. I’m having the next meeting in about two weeks. I’m going to give a proposal which seems more practical and effective for our Taiwanese company. I will have a lot of tasks I have to do by the end of this year. I will do my best to improve my business skills.