Working on academic writing

Today, I learned “paraphrase” and submitted the assignment. It was so challenging. First, I read (a little boring) sentence. haha !! It was something like students were forced to read at school… And then, I tried “paraphrase”.

I tried to make the sentence easier to read.(I was not sure I could do that though.) In addition, I managed to use the words which were the same meaning but other words. I shorten the essay of 150 words to that of 80 words. As it was the first try, I was so tired…

I studied English so seriously for the first time in a long while. It reminded me of my school days. Let me share with you my memory at school.

When I was high school student, English was my favorite subject. I was studying science though. I just didn’t keep up with science, so I was concentrating on learning English to escape from reality. I was reading many English sentences and guessed the meaning. That was the effective way my teacher told me and it made me possible to understand the outline of the story even when I faced the unknown words and phrases.

Now, I am handling international business. So, I can say my efforts have born fruit !!