Working On Job Change

Today, I was so tired because of three reasons. I wanted to have a peaceful day as it was the first day after three consecutive holidays, but I couldn’t.

First, there was a disagreement with staff in Taiwan office, that made me annoyed as well as exhausted from the morning. We argued about the definition of our job rules. It is sometimes vague, and its understanding differs depending on the person. As a result, there was a misunderstanding between Japan and Taiwan. I always get tired of bridging the gap… How long should I deal with that?

Second, I didn’t have time to have lunch because I had to prepare for the meeting in the afternoon. I’m currently working on data analysis and also consulting with the expert in another department. She has experience as well as knowledge of data analysis, so I ask her for suggestions about my analysis. Before the meeting, I had to formulate hypothesis about the business issue in Taiwan, so I was gazing at my desktop for a long time. That’s why, I had to skip my lunch. I could finally write the hypothesis, and the meeting was very fruitful. I felt a sense of accomplishment, but I finally could have only a sandwich for lunch.

Third, I went to a recruitment agency to consult with job change. Arriving at the office, I got very nervous because some persons had already been waiting at the lobby. I felt that there were many people who were seeking for the opportunities besides me. Not only that, I got scared that there were a lot of competitors for me…!! During the interview with a consultant, I conveyed my ideal career plan, becoming the expert of data analysis with fluent English communication skills. The consultant told me that the employment offers were limited, and it might be difficult to propose some offers right now. I got disappointed a little because the agency was bigger than other agencies I had already contacted and I believed that a lot of offers would be waiting for me. I, however, need to accept the fact. Also, I need to seek for the chance in the long run, while improving the skills of data analysis and English.

I learned that if I would like to change my job and get an ideal job, I have to keep on improving my skills as well as achieving accomplishments at the current company, that would lead to my confidence. Perhaps, I just wanted to escape from the current stressful situation, but that would come to a bad end.

So, from tomorrow, I work on data analysis and English harder than before so that I can use them on business. I don’t have time enough to complain about my stressors. Hang in there!!
Be confident. Be positive. Don’t rush myself. Be fully prepared. Look ahead to the future.